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The Chook Chook Series

Chook Chook: Mei’s Secret Pets

Wai’s first title was published September 2012 by the University of Queensland Press.

A heartfelt Girls’ Book set in rural China

From a new voice in children’s storytelling comes a heartfelt tale of love, loss and the power of kindness set against the backdrop of rural China.
Since the death of Mei’s father, her ma has refused to keep animals on the family farm. So when Mei finds two baby chickens, she shares her delightful discovery with no-one but her older brother Guo.
Mei does her best to keep her newfound friends a secret, but all does not go as planned. When Ma sells the chooks to the fearsome one-eyed butcher, their fates seem sealed.
Is there anything Mei can do to save her beloved chooks from the butcher’s knife?

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Chook Chook: Little and Lo in the City

With chickens Little and Lo now an accepted part of the family, Mei’s happier than ever. That is until Ma decides to marry the one-eyed butcher. Now Mei has a new dad, a new brother and new pets to contend with. As if that isn’t enough, her brother Guo decides to leave the farm and study in the city.

Mei’s not so sure there’s a place for her and her chickens in the little farmhouse anymore. So when Little and Lo get into trouble, she knows she has to escape.

Can one girl and two chickens find their way alone in the big city?

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Chook Chook: Saving the Farm

The final heart-warming tale in the humorous ‘Chook Chook’ trilogy set against the backdrop of China.
It’s Chinese New Year and for Mei and her family things are looking grim. It’s been another bad harvest and a disappointing year for their farm. And now, the government is building a major freeway that will rip right through their village and tear their little farm apart.
One by one, Mei’s neighbours are convinced to sell their land and despite Ma’s and stepfather Jin’s best efforts to fight, it looks like their farm will be next.
What can Mei and her beloved chickens, Little and Lo, do to save their farm and keep the family together? As the deadline for bulldozing draws near, villagers young and old will come to realise that it takes a village to save a farm.

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