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DIY Chinese Paper Lantern

Lanterns are a very common decoration seen in many East Asian celebrations, including the Chinese New Year. Traditionally, at the end of the 15 day long celebrations, a Lantern Festival is held to mark the end of the festivities on the first full moon. Different coloured lanterns have different meanings, with red lanterns being the most common as that colour symbolises good fortune.

You can cut out, decorate and assemble your very own paper lantern. Just follow the instructions below.

1. First, download the template here.

2. Next, colour the individual segments of your lantern. You can make them all one colour, or if you’d like, create a rainbow lantern of many manyshades!

3. Once you’re done colouring, cut out the segments so that you end up with eight strips.

4. Using a hole puncher, create a hole at each end of the strip where the circles are. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be exact!

5. Now take a pipe cleaner (or chenille stick as they are sometimes called) and make a kink or knot somewhere along the middle of it.

6. Now, you’re going to thread one end of each of the strips with the pipe cleaner. The kink you made should keep the paper from falling all the way to the bottom.

7. Fan out your strips, around the pipe cleaner so it forms a ‘ball shape’ – this is the body of your lantern and should look something like this.

8. The Tassle and stick – to finish off your lantern, attach the top end of the pipe cleaner to a long, thin stick (like a chopstick). To make the tassle, gather up long pieces of ribbon or strings, fold them in half and then tie a knot at the top so that there’s a loop. Tie this loop to the other end of your pipe cleaner. And Voila! Your very own festive lantern!

Watch the instructional video below.