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It’s official – we have a TITLE

That’s right folks,my next book FINALLY has an official title. It has gone through a number of iterations including:

  • Wowo
  • Anna and the Black Dog
  • Anna Banana
  • and most recently Mama Hao

But none of those quite worked!

Then my brilliant publisher had a brain wave that had me really really excited (even if I didn’t seem like it when she first mentioned it!) We workshopped it a bit and finally have what I think is a fitting, authentic and honest title about what this book means, who these characters are – and has so much of ME as an author!

(Bogs The Penguin is shouting his approval of the theme)

So presenting, finally, my next #LoveOzYA original.

The Surprising Power of a Good Dumpling

A heartfelt portrayal of love, culture, family, and mental illness set in Sydney’s Inner West.

And of course, dumpling.

Can’t wait to bring it to you in August 2019!!


Wai 🥟