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‘Shaozhen’ is out now!

My latest book is ‘SHAOZHEN’ which is part of the ‘Through My Eyes – Natural Disaster Zones’ series.


An evocative and compelling story about one boy living through the 2014 drought in Henan, China.

Shaozhen has no intention of staying in his remote Henan village and becoming another poor farmer: he’ll finish school, and then, hopefully, work in a factory in one of the major cities, just like his father. But when Shaozhen returns home for the summer holidays, imagining days filled with nothing but playing basketball with his friends, he’s in for a shock. The worst drought in over sixty years threatens the crops that the entire village relies on for income. As the water situation becomes dire, Shaozhen realises he must come up with a plan. But will it be enough to save his family and friends and secure the future of his village?

I had the absolute pleasure and honour to work with Lyn White, the editor of the Through My Eyes series whose brought these exciting stories to life. I have to say, writing for a series was a very different experience for me; it was challenging in many aspects and also provided a really great learning opportunity that I hope stretched and developed me as a writer and story teller.
I’m really excited to bring ‘Shaozhen’ into the world and thank everyone behind the scenes for their incredible support
‘Shaozhen’ was a CBCA Notable book for Younger Readers for 2018


  1. Leah Leah

    We are looking forward to meeting you soon! I’m really excited to read your ‘Shaozhen’ looks and sounds really exciting!

    • waichim waichim

      I’m really excited to be coming by!! I can’t wait to share the book and to meet you all. See you next week. xx

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