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Is *this* what you really wanted?

Is *this* what you really wanted?

I want to have a heart to heart with you. The ones who voted for Trump or maybe chose not to vote at all, who wanted to shake things up and fight the establishment. Who wanted some thing, ANY thing, to change because you were so disenfranchised and over the rhetoric. Because you were done with the empty promises, the policies that looked and sounded good on paper, that did NOTHING to help day to day better…

I want to talk to you – and I want to ask you, is THIS what you REALLY wanted?

You wanted someone to DO something about the jobs, to fix the economy and help your position. But is a $20 billion wall what you REALLY wanted? He promised to make Mexico pay for it – you trusted him that he had some secret smart business person’s tactic to make that happen, but maybe you’re realising that there’s no ‘secret’ and the only thing he can do is use tariffs and taxes and that’s just going to make next week’s groceries more expensive. There’s no ‘secret’ art of negotiation, there’s no way to make someone pay for something you are looking to buy…anyone who says otherwise is presenting a con man’s game…

I want to talk to you about this Muslim ban. I know you’re scared and you don’t think the institution was doing enough to secure our borders. But I have to ask, is THIS what you really wanted? Some symbolic ban, that doesn’t even include the countries that have been a real historic threat to us because, you know, business interests that he won’t divest from. Instead, we have a symbolic ban that ultimately just keeps legitimate residents – professors, doctors, soldiers and everyday workers from coming home and being with their families?

Is THIS what you really wanted? Your president to constantly call out certain newspapers and TV station that make him look bad ‘FAKE NEWS’, screaming it in all caps? Who spends so much of his time tweeting about a couple of choice actors as being overrated? A president pointing out someone has lower ratings on a show than his own first year? Someone who needs to prove that his inauguration, for some reason, has to be the most popular in history or everyone else is lying? When, you know, he should probably just feel grateful that he gets the honor to do this job at all?

Is THIS what you wanted?

Cause you know, it’s OKAY if it wasn’t. That’s what I’m saying. You don’t have to grin and bear it and double down or ignore the whole situation unfolding before you. If you’re worried or at all concerned or are thinking this is not what I signed up for, CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVE AND SENATOR and make it known. Cause it matters and it’s not too late.

We can change the course and make America really great, the one we want for all of our children. I promise. It’s not a zero sum, all or nothing game. But what I’m telling you is…we don’t need THIS GUY to do it.

No way. #NotTrump