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Yo America, Your White Fragility is showing

Okay folks – here finally, are my election takeaways.

Shit’s gotten real. There’s no more hiding. Forget the ‘ignore the bully and he’ll go away’, ‘not all men’, ‘boys will be boys’ etc rhetoric.

That’s what we were taught in schools by frazzled teachers desperate to ‘keep the peace’. By well-meaning parents who wanted their precious babies to focus on school and bettering themselves rather than the unjust world that they brought us into. And we stupidly bought into it.

Not anymore.

We’re coming out kicking, screaming and fighting.

But…here’s the thing.

We NEED to change our language. Cause calling them racist, sexist, misogynist bullies clearly DOESN’T FUCKING WORK.

They’re not ashamed. They’re laughing at us. Calling your assailant a sexist pig now evokes images of presidential power.

We need to change our rhetoric to something that cuts to the core.

What I learned about his core Supporters (and what Trump figured out early) is that they’re afraid. They’ve been fucking afraid this whole entire time.

Cause the ONLY THING they pride themselves on, that gives them any sense of self-worth, is simply being white.

Easiest thing in the world, right? Not cause they earned respect and admiration, but because they simple ARE. That’s why they’ve always hated Hillary and the rest of us. Because we have actual skills and abilities and can climb the ladder and put in the work to prove ourselves. Because they don’t even know how to fathom that level of work.

Like if you really think about it, white supremacy is laughable. Cause you have no skills, no smarts, no abilities to do anything else except…be white.

So they’re racist and sexist and xenophobic and all those things because their very sense of self and existence is so fucking delicate that the mere idea that a woman could be president, that a black man can be their doctor, that a Muslim family can be welcomed and loved by their community – it challenges the very essence of their self-worth.

The one thing that is true about what they say about the bullies – they have low self-esteem. They are fragile.

Worthy of our pity. I pity them. Their fragility led them to believe that some angry, shouting, tangerine buffoon was their Hail Mary, last ditch chance to have any relevance in our modern world.

I pity them.

We’ll be fine. We’re smart and able and we’ll rise above it, we’ll figure it out. We’ll change our rhetoric, work the system and keep plowing forward.

For them, Trump was their only chance.

I pity them.

So instead of calling them deplorable, instead of calling them racist, sexist or a pig, I’m gonna call them fragile. I’m going to say, wow, is your life so fragile that you’ve resorted to racist taunts or trolling a woman on Twitter to make yourself feel semi- like a person.

And yeah, sorry America. Your white fragility is showing.