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Chook Chook: Little and Lo in the City

With chickens Little and Lo now an accepted part of the family, Mei’s happier than ever. That is until Ma decides to marry the one-eyed butcher. Now Mei has a new dad, a new brother and new pets to contend with. As if that isn’t enough, her brother Guo decides to leave the farm and study in the city.

Mei’s not so sure there’s a place for her and her chickens in the little farmhouse anymore. So when Little and Lo get into trouble, she knows she has to escape.

Can one girl and two chickens find their way alone in the big city?

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Chook Chook: Mei’s Secret Pets

Wai’s first title was published September 2012 by the University of Queensland Press.

A heartfelt Girls’ Book set in rural China

From a new voice in children’s storytelling comes a heartfelt tale of love, loss and the power of kindness set against the backdrop of rural China.

Since the death of Mei’s father, her ma has refused to keep animals on the family farm. So when Mei finds two baby chickens, she shares her delightful discovery with no-one but her older brother Guo.

Mei does her best to keep her newfound friends a secret, but all does not go as planned. When Ma sells the chooks to the fearsome one-eyed butcher, their fates seem sealed.

Is there anything Mei can do to save her beloved chooks from the butcher’s knife?

Purchase now from UQP for just $14.95

A great book for girls in Australia and the world over.

Praise for Chook Chook: Mei’s Secret Pets

This book would make an excellent choice for children’s multicultural studies. The rural Chinese setting and the way Chim shows us the details of Mei’s life helps kids gain an understanding of a life so different from a Western one.
- Susan Stephenson The Book Chook

The subtle weaving through of the mother and family’s story and of village life raises this book to the next level. While Ma may appear harsh at times, the reasons behind this are made apparent. Mei is an absolutely delightful character and one that Australian children will easily connect with. This story is an easy introduction to another culture and shows that while each nation and culture has its own identity, there are so many basic similarities. Highly recommended.
- Vicki Stanton, Buzz Words

This novel is at once a an exciting adventure, a sort of modern fairy-tale, and a sweet tale of a girl with pluck and her love of her two chickens. Wai Chim has been able to combine these strands admirably into what could become a children’s classic. Highly recommended.
- Reading Time

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Wai is currently seeking agency representation for her next work.